Bike Storage Shed

When it comes to de-cluttering your life, having the right bike storage shed can work wonders for those with bicycles. You don’t necessarily have to rush out and buy a new shed just for your bicycles. Often just getting your bikes off the floor and overhead is enough. You can hang them on the walls of your garage or tool shed, or even suspend them from the ceiling.

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Alternatives to Building a Bicycle Shed

If you cannot afford to build a separate bike storage shed, companies like RAD Cycle Products offer a bike hoist to hang your bike from the ceiling. You don’t need a ladder or a whole lot of money. For as little as 15 dollars you can buy the RAD hoist.

For about the same price, Everhold makes a wall bike mount that utilizes a 4-point mounting system that fastens to sturdy framework or studs. You can easily turn a tool shed into a bicycle storage shed with either one of these options.

The Bicycle Shed

For those with deeper pockets, or people who just don’t have the garage or tool shed space, you’ll want to check out these bike storage shed options.

  • A Plus Warehouse: A Plus offers a Slide Lid Storage Shed that is 60 inches wide so you can store multiple bicycles as well as your lawn and garden tools. This free standing shed comes with a sliding lid for easy access and can be assembled in only 30 minutes. The sliding lid makes it easy to walk your bike into position and eliminates the need for stooping over when you park or retrieve your bicycle.
  • Outdoor Bike Storage Shed DXGH017: Offered by this is a nice all wood bicycle storage shed and features things like natural solid wood, asphalt covered sloped roof that prevents snow build-up and doors that close securely with rust resistant hardware. All wood construction ensures that this piece doesn’t end up an eyesore in your backyard.
  • Yardstash II: This easy to set up shed measures 74” W x 30” D and weighs only 16 pounds shipped. The Yardstash shed is made from durable polyester with weatherproof coating and UV 30+ protection. Includes 4 heavy duty stakes to secure shed to the ground. All seems are weatherproofed and sealed. You can purchase the Yardstash for a modest $124.95.

Why a Bicycle Shed

If you’re wondering why you should spend the extra money on a shed specific to bicycles you should read this. Just because you can hang a bicycle from the roof doesn’t mean it is a good fit for your garage.

You certainly don’t want to suspend your bicycles over your workbench full of power tools for example. You also don’t want to have to dig through stuff to get to them either.

A good bicycle storage shed is designed for your convenience and for the protection of your bicycles as well as their security. Depending upon where you live, a simple tent-like structure may be fine.

If security is more of a concern you will probably want a more solid structure that not only locks from the outside, but the bicycles themselves lock to the structure for double protection.

The Perfect Shed

Whatever your needs are, there are many different setups to choose from. If you’re going to store your bicycles in a garage you can either go with an inexpensive wall mount system, or if you don’t have the wall space, a hoist style system that gets your bikes off the ground and overhead.

If you want a shed specific to bicycles, there are a number of styles to choose from. The perfect bike storage shed doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Most sheds range from as little as $30 up to over $1,000.

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