Bicycle Storage Shed

A bicycle storage shed protects the bicycles from the elements and from thieves as well. Bicycles can be very expensive nowadays with all the technology that goes into them.

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Best Shed Storage Ideas

The numbers of bicycle storage ideas are almost as many as the types of bicycles available. Some of the top bicycle storage shed ideas on the market include:

Trimetals Bike Storage


Trimetals is the top bicycle storage company in the United Kingdom. For £469 or about $762, you can purchase a secure metal shed with the following qualities.

  • Unique patented design
  • Stores up to 3 adult bikes
  • Spring-assisted opening action
  • Maintenance free
  • 25 year panel guarantee
  • PVC-coated galvanized steel construction
  • Fire resistant
  • Clear step by step instructions
  • Range of accessories
  • 2 Padlock points
  • Recommended by top bicycle magazines
  • Complete walk-in access

YardStash II


An outdoor bicycle storage shed can be expensive and most metal sheds will cost you more than $500 dollars and just hold one or two bikes. Now you can buy many tent-like sheds for a fraction of the price of a metal shed. YardStash’s tent shed holds two bikes and only costs about $100.

Their shed is heavy-duty polyester, is 74” x 30” x 75”, is UV protected and weatherproof. One person can assemble it in less than 15 minutes and it only weighs 16 pounds. Your tent has and easy access full zip front flap and comes with hooks to store helmets and packs. You can set up your tent and lock your bikes to a fence or pole via a panel that can be opened on the back.

Bike Cave

Made by Tidy Tent, their fabric caves are good for bikes and just about anything else such as children’s toys, firewood, lawnmowers, tools, and much more. The Bike Cave bicycle storage shed features:

  • Lightweight and easy to carry and transport
  • Packs away into a small compact size
  • Large enough for 2 adult bikes
  • Hardwearing durable plastic
  • Detachable front cover
  • Quick and easy to erect
  • Suitable for a temporary or permanent shelter
  • Optional security bracket

Organizing Your Bicycle Shed

In terms of a bicycle storage shed, you do not have to buy or build a shelter specific to bicycles alone. Often times you can convert an existing shed to store bikes along with whatever else you have. When it comes to storing your bikes, getting them off the floor works the best. Take the bikes you are storing on the floor and use one of the many ways to either hang them on the walls or suspend them from the ceiling.

You can suspend your bikes in many ways and some let you raise and lower them whenever you choose so you do not have to climb up on a ladder to reach them. Having them high above your head will also free up more space. If you choose to hang your bikes on the wall, you can also choose from a number of styles and colors of hangers, both locking and non- locking styles such as:

Ceiling Mount Bike Hoist

Ceiling Mount Bike Hoist RAD Cycle Products makes the Ceiling Mount Bike Hoist, which sells for only $15, has the following features:

Rubber coated hooks to protect your bicycle from scratches

  • Lifts heavy bikes up to a 55-pound capacity
  • For ceilings up to 12 feet
  • Safe locking mechanism prevents accidental release
  • Thick rope
  • Lifetime warranty


Everhold Wall Bike Mount is designed to work with gravity, and the Everhold mount features a single hook fixed to a rigid tread mount plate with multiple tie down points. The single bicycle mount costs about $15 and has the following features:

  • Works with gravity to provide stable bicycle support
  • Durable steel construction
  • Rigid tread surfaces gives extra traction
  • 4-Point wall mounting system designed for sturdy studs or framework
  • Multiple tie-down points to strap the rear bicycle tire for added safety
  • Fixed tire hook distributes weight to the mounting plate
  • Black powder coat finish
  • 1 year warranty against defects
  • Mounting hardware included

It’s Up to You

When it comes to a bicycle storage shed, the possibilities are endless and you can safely store your bicycles on any budget. For less than $100 you can store 2 adult size bikes in a weather proof shed. If you have deeper pockets or you can go with a permanent metal shed, you can store several bikes and their equipment. Most options are maintenance free and easy to erect.

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