Bathroom Space Savers

Bathroom space savers are a good solution to a common problem, as most people tend to have more items to store in their bathroom than they do space in which to store them. The demand for such a solution has lead to the creation of a variety of space saving pieces, from wood to metal, white to black, over the toilet to under the sink, providing you with plenty of options to give your bathroom an organizational makeover.

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Wall Mounted


One of the best ways to create more space in your bathroom, especially if it is small, is to utilize the walls by mounting shelves or cabinets. A simple three-tiered piece with glass shelves and chrome-finished rods give a simple, polished and finished look to your private quarters, allowing you to store lotions, perfumes or colognes and other aesthetically pleasing toiletries.

If you prefer privacy or warm textures to cold ones, then cabinet bathroom space savers made of wood may better suit your personal taste and needs.

Standing Ovation

Not everyone wants to drill into their walls, especially if they are tile or if you are renting, but that does not mean you do not have space saving options for your bathroom. You can get just as much space, if not more, than the wall mounted cabinet pieces, as many of the standing racks have shelves and cabinets.

Some even have drawers or a second smaller cabinet while others feature deeper shelves that have a good amount of height in between them, allowing you to store towels and other bulky or tall items, such as a decorative vase or incense holder.

Matching Sets

The best kind of bathroom space savers are those that come in sets, as they not only match but they offer you the ability to store more items in less space. For instance, a white wood standing cabinet, complete with two shelves and decorative magnolia’s, also comes with a matching towel holder and a tissue tower.

You may also opt for a metal set that offers a toilet paper rack plus storage, a cloth lined hamper and a standing rack with three open shelves. If you have very limited space, you could always just opt for two of the three pieces, as each item is sold separately.


You may not need bathroom space savers, as your home or powder room may offer enough storage, however, you may consider a simple piece, such as a vintage style tier of cabinets or a bathroom butler just to add some décor to your cleansing room. If you do not like the idea of resting a box of tissues or a candle on the top of your toilet tank, then a small, simple metal table that sits over your toilet may satisfy your desire.



You may have a large bathroom that needs storage, in which case, you have more options because you can actually furnish this area. A large wood towel cabinet can create the ambiance of an island cabana while a palm tree designed room divider allows you to separate the shower area from that of the toilet, allowing privacy while accommodating a couple of occupants.

Another option consists of a wood cabinet with glass doors, another cabinet with a hidden hamper underneath and a standing shelf and cabinet combination piece. A simple, white, tall tower of cabinets and complimentary short cabinet create a cottage look and also storage for decorative items, as they consist of a fenced in top.

Bathroom space savers are far from standard, as you can choose from so many options based on your taste, needs, space, budget and personal preference. You no longer need to live in a cluttered, disorganized home, as you can obtain the storage you need to start living in a less cluttered, stress-free space.

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