Bathroom Space Saver

A bathroom space saver helps to keep the bathroom neat and organized. Often houses and apartments will have small bathrooms, or one of the bathrooms may be small. Regardless of size, you still need to have all the requisites in the bathroom; and you’ll want to keep it from looking cluttered and messy.

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Measuring Your Space

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Even if the bathroom is virtually minuscule, you are sure to have some empty wall space, perhaps the space above the sink, and even below it, too.

  • What about the toilet area? You can hang storage units on the wall above the toilet, and even find floor-standing units that fit over the toilet.
  • A shower cubicle or a bath with shower will have some wall space.
  • Even the back of the bathroom door is potential space, as are unused corners.

Check out all those areas. Take a measuring tape, paper and pen, and write down the measurements of empty spaces. Don’t forget to measure for heights that are comfortable for you, and also floor clearance if you want a floor-standing space saver for your bathroom. Get an idea of how much depth you want — a deep piece may make your bathroom look very cramped and may not leave you much walking-around space.

Online Designs

When you look for a space saver online, you can get an idea of what is available and will fit. You can also mark out the budget for what you want and check the many online shopping sites. Even if you don’t buy the storage pieces online, you will at least learn what can possibly fit and where, so you can design your bathroom and get it to look like way you envision.

You can then visit the stores to see how the bathroom units look and feel, what materials are available and whether they fall within your price range.

Available Units

You can get many space savers for your bathroom that you can wall-mount or leave as freestanding units.

Open shelving units in different designs and sizes will help organize the clutter in your bathroom and still look good. Open units also are less likely to make the bathroom look cramped. Shelving units come in metal, plastic, acrylic and wood. You can get units that are completely open with one or more shelves, or you can get units that have an attached cupboard with at least one shelf. You can place high shelving units over the toilet, thus giving you extra space without interfering with the existing bathroom space.

Floor-standing space savers may have doors or may be open. Their advantage is that you can get really tall units and make the most of the height. Above your washbasin, you can hang wall-mounted cabinets with mirrors. These offer storage solutions, and the mirrors make your bathroom look bigger. Below the sink, you can either buy units to fit or get them custom made — if you are a handyman, you can do it yourself.

Triangular shelving units can be big or small, depending on space. You can even get closed corner cupboards in a triangular shape. If you can’t get units to fit, you can always put in plenty of shelves in different shapes and sizes at varying levels to add to space saver units and give you additional storage as well.

Apart from storage units, you can also enhance your bathroom space by putting in good lighting and painting or tiling the bathroom a light color. A large mirror will also make the bathroom look bigger. While small bathrooms do well with modern, minimalist décor, small, antiquey pieces can lend character to the bathroom while also working as a bathroom space saver.

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