Affordable Bathroom Organizers

Using a range of affordable bathroom organizers can help you to bring a sense of order to what can easily become a very chaotic room. The bathroom is unlike any other room in your house in that every single member of your household uses it frequently for a variety of different purposes. It is also the only room where many people will store their personal possessions alongside each other meaning that the need for good organization is paramount.

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The Shower


One of the key places where you will need organization is around the shower or tub. Even a household of one couple manages to generate an incredible number of bottles of shampoo, conditioner and body wash as everyone has their particular tastes.

Add on the shaving kit, scrubs and scratch mittens and it is easy to get into the situation where you have to stand in one particular spot to avoid knocking over everything. To help get organized in the shower, you may want to invest in these affordable bathroom organizers:

  • Hooks – Hanging hooks are one of the great organizers as they allow you to utilize previously unused space. Hang the hooks over the shower curtain rail and hang anything from them that has a handle or a loop. Many body washes come with a handle and the spout facing downwards so you have easy access to the gel.
  • Wire shelves – A set of wire shelves can help you to sort the bottles by person or by product making them much easier to find in a hurry. You can either choose a free standing set that sits in the corner or for more durability you can screw them into the walls so that everything is at an accessible height. Just be sure to choose bathroom organizers that are specifically built for bathroom use, as they will be chrome plated to protect against moisture.
  • Baskets – A series of baskets around the tub or shower tray is an easy way to gather everything together into logical groups and put them out of the way. In a family with children, giving each person their own basket could be a way of introducing responsibility for keeping their own stuff organized. If you are short on space, you could try buying baskets that hang off hooks on the shower curtain rail.

Cabinet Storage


The other area of the bathroom over which it is easy to lose control is inside the cabinets. Many people use the bathroom at times when they are either rushing in the morning or sleepy in the evening, meaning that even the most organized of people do not keep a good system. Using these simple bathroom organizers in your cabinets can help to keep things in check:

  • Small chests of drawers – Storing medicines can be tricky, so using a set of drawers that is designed to fit inside cabinets will help you to sort them out and keep them tidy.
  • Baskets – Instead of trying to keep everything inside the cabinet, you could take some of the more frequently used items and store them in baskets or containers next to the sink. This might include tubes of toothpaste, shaving kits or first aid supplies.
  • Dividers – Shoving everything onto the shelves of your cabinet is a sure fire way of making it hard to find again in the future. Investing in simple plastic dividers that look like bookends can help you group your items into different categories. Once everything has been sorted, it is much easier to get people to put things back where they belong.

The best thing about affordable bathroom organizers is that you can get them very cheaply and they will make a big difference to the way that your bathroom looks and feels. If you are part of a big family, it may be worth asking everyone how they would organize the room rather than organizing according to your own ideas. Others may not agree with you and may rebel against the new systems.

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